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SoupsMcNova's Giveaway (4?)

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Welcome everyone, this is my 4th giveaway? or first since the forums got reset so.. idk which ever one. but this is going to be for all my events atm.

Note: this will probably be my last giveaway for awhile.

Rules: like every other giveaway, post your ign and wait. no double posting. 

1+ is always appreciated :P 

GoodLuck to everyone the winners will be chosen randomly maybe..... lol jk yeah randomly i promise ;) 

Prizes:- Zygarde (Complete) 

-Shiny Kyurem (White)

-Dark Missingno.

Metallic Pikachu (Libre)

-Metallic Rotom (Halloween)+Rotom (Halloween)+Shadow Rotom (Halloween)

-Metallic Zygarde (Core)Dark Zygarde (Core)

Sorry for not having the best events probably cause i do giveaways when ever i do have some :D GL!

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