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Answered Where is Charmander?


I am seaching for 4MS.png shiny, and in the wiki i have found that it is found rarely in the Scorched Sanctum (Lava area) but it has been 2 days since i started the hunt, i have  found 2 838MS.png and 1 126MS.png+ Dark 806MS.pngand 2 383MS.png without finding a single charmander, so is it my part of the lava floor i am exploring (if so, cud u tell where chars spawn most often) or is char ultra rare and i should forget about my hunt...

sorry, i mean I am searching for charmander (004MS.png)

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Doesn't matter. Each pokemon spawn has a random chance at generating a charmander. The carkoal and magmar are rare spawns as well, so each of those could have been a charmander.

You just need some luck and a lot of patience.

If you're finding groudons and blacephalons you're in the correct area.

Good luck hunting

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thanks, i am searching, and quick question, i am continuously going in a straight line back and forth, should i do that, or keep moving around the floor to higher my chances...

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