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Report Please help, I was scammed!

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@lildrummerboy85#6539 is his discord



me, @The_Original

[FN] theoriginal#4144 is my discord



I was scrolling around on the PV Discord server. I saw one of his messages asking to trade with anyone, I DMed him asking to trade. He asked if I had shinies, I said "

Well I've sold most of my shines I might have like a common shiny. But if it's a shiny legendary it's on my team. I'm currently trying to a get a full shiny Legendary/UB team" He then said "I can help, I have HACKS." This immediately caught my eye, he then said that he could make a lvl1 pidegy LOOK like a lvl100 shiny ash greninja. 

He said it would last forever as long as it was not evolved. HE then asked for my password, me being my self, I typed then pass word and accidentally send it. I meant to just type the password then take all my stuff out of my account, then send the password. I realized what I had done when I tried to log into my account, and it said i couldn't log in because I "was logged in on another device". After back and forth blaming each other He in directly admitted to stealing. I know its my fault for giving him the password, but to be honest I never read the fine print under the log in screen about password sharing. I probably deserve it, because i gave the pass, but I just don't want him to steal from anyone else. He told him that if he gave my stuff back i'd give him a password to my friends account that was had really good stuff on it. But i just made an alt account with a similar username, by the time he logged in I had already accepting the team and I now had my team back, he also made me pay him the rest of my money (which was 264k) I tried to do the trick again to get the rest of my stuff, I threaten to make this report but it didn't work. I don't really care that much about the rest of my stuff because they were just some starters. but my brother gave me 1m pds and some pokes as donation. if you were wondering what I would do with the "hack", I just wanted to get fake shiny UBs to finish my shiny team. I don't really need to get the rest of my stuff back, but I just want him dealt with. If you need the list of stuff i still didnt get back, just sayying i cant really remember everything that was stolen. I also enclosed some screen shots as proof


NEW INFO: He hacked my account again just now and I lost my team again. Please ban him and I just want my team back (Shiny groudon, shiny raquaza mega, necrozma, blacephalon, buzzwole, guzzlord.) 



Items stolen:


braviary huision


bubasaur 2x and a metallic bublasaur


venusaur mega

2x of zigazoon galarian

meowth galarian

2x Popplio


264K pds

Qwilfish (Hisuian)



I cant figure out how to put pictures here but i do have a server with all the proof on it https://discord.gg/c5tjct4UQn

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New info
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Well first of all, and i think this doesn't need explaining, DO NOT SHARE YOUR PW!

No mod or admin will ever ask for it and there's no reason the share it with anyone, unless you're sharing accounts, which is not always smart either.


Second there's no exploits in this game unless they have access to the games source code, which as far as i know nobody has but the devs.


Thrid hacking is and remains illegal, so like i said in discord KARMA


Just play the game like it's intended to and i'm sorry this happened to you, but in another way i'm really really not

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