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Necrozma Disappeared After Catch

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Context: I was searching for the Necrozma yesterday late afternoon/early evening IST (5.5 hours ahead of GMT), and I came across a Metallic Necrozma. I battled it, used a beast ball, caught it, then when I went to .com/your-pokemon/, I found that my Necrozmas were still 8 when there should have been 9.

Reasons why I believe I didn't make a mistake:
1) I distinctly remember the "Pokemon was caught" and the screen that follows after you click continue,
2) My beast balls had gone from 7 to 6 in number,
3) I checked the whole team I had at that time on discord with !id and none were trained on that day (23rd Aug), so I really don't think I knocked it out somehow.

Reasons why what I say is true:
1) The other 8 Necrozmas I have are all OTs, so I have been doing the grinding honestly, for days.
2) I already have 3 Metallic Necrozmas. I have no reason to lie about getting another. I only feel cheated of all the hours I put into getting that Pokemon.
3) I can give proof (if a dev or mod is interested) about the beast ball count through poke-bay purchases, trades, and discord shop screenshots, and all the ultra beasts I have.

I waited this long before making a post because I hoped the Pokemon would magically reappear after a server restart (which I assumed happens at 23:59 GMT just like the daily login and lottery but everyday), but no luck so far.

Unfortunately, I don't remember doing or seeing anything out of the ordinary through the whole process till I became aware that the poke was missing.
Is this glitch/bug known? Why did it happen? What can I do about it?

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