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Suggestion: Add a tab to Pokebay where you can set up alerts for and track specific things on Pokebay. If a Pokemon, item, etc. you have set to alert is listed, you will get a notification along the lines of:


Pokebay Alert: Something you are watching was just listed.

A portion of the notification text (such as "was just listed") would link to the Pokebay Alerts tab. The tab itself would contain a running list of every active auction listed for everything you have an alert set up for. The information there would be the same as the normal "Browse Auctions" tab, but limited only to those things being tracked.


If there is a concern of spam notifications (since people could theoretically troll by listing the same type of Pokemon repeatedly), the notification could be limited to only appearing once per day for any one tracked thing.


Proof of concept (edit - dropdown would also include items, promo codes, etc., not just pokemon and avatars. would also need delete button to delete tracked stuff. can include check box to opt out of notifications of each tracked item):



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