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Bring back the double exp events

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I remember back in the day these hunting events came along with double exp/money in battles
Can we please bring those back?
Searching the maps for legendary spawn pokemon feels like a huge waste of time given how luck based it is (my friend literally found the Pichu Halloween in his first encounter after the event started, while it took me like almost 2 hours to get one. Not to mention the 3 consecutive Zapdos that I found later... Not only it may take a while to have a legendary show up, but then you have a 50/50 of being a [somewhat] useless repeat instead of what you're looking for.)
I much rather take the double money/exp (which is basically a guaranteed result for the time invested) route and then buy the event pokemon on the auctions later with said money.
I get it that event pokemon should feel special in a way (thus hard to find), but it's nice to have the alternative option, you know

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