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Any chance of recovering old acc?


I used to play many years ago. But I lost access to my account due to reasons (can DM). This account has been used by someone else since then but I was hoping maybe I can get access again.


Name: Porygon


Also, I created another account back then named Porygon2 which has been banned, if possible can I know the reason.


P.S These accounts are very old, so I can understand if it's not possible. I just want to try. For proof, can share details of Porygon account that only the OG creator of the account knows. 


P.S: Is it possible to find a pokemon based on OG trainer, it might help find the guy who took my account. I remember having a Shiny Mega Rayquaza before the account was taken over.



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On 12/1/2022 at 4:12 AM, Auke1993 said:

How was the account taken over?
Did you give someone else your password? If so, at that time, did you ever think you'd return to the game?

No, the password wasn't given over. Since I was quite active in the old trivia mini-game thingy, my account was quite known to many. Someone probably tried getting into it, and since the password was quite easy to guess, they took it. The password and email were changed. I can prove the accounts are mine since I probably still have the first email that was used for 'Porygon' account. If Device data/ IP or any tracking data is stored (As I read in some other post I think) one can see the clear discrepancy in account usage and sudden trading of pokemons. (As far as I remember, I never traded any pokemon)


I don't know when exactly it happened, since I wasn't active then. When I came back, I tried using another account (Porygon2) to contact people but failed since the account seems to be banned (Probably assumed I was phishing or something). Hence I wanna make sure why Porygon2 was banned just to confirm. 


I gave up on it after a while, but now making a new account and seeing that my previous account is still there, I just wanted to see if I can get it back.


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