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BONUS REQUEST IDEA -  A Box to store Pokémon that you don't want to trade, and still want their EXP to count toward your ranking. 



- One Week long raid event
- Ranking rewards for clan, individual, and daily rank.

- Item drop from raid bosses (items would be used to draw from a reward chest)

- Pokemon with a raid skill and/or special attack that deals more damage to raid bosses (skill damage is decreased for next raid event but would still do slightly more damage)



- Weekly clan raid boss events

- Smaller rewards than the monthly Raid event

- clans could use donation money to purchase items to use against raid boss (lower def of boss, increase damage to boss, stun boss, etc.)



- One Week long safari zone event

- Safari pokeballs available for purchase

- Pokemon caught in safari zone are converted into points (points based off level, rarity, and type)

- Ranking rewards for clan and individual, milestone rewards for points 


GARBODOR EVENT: Monthly/Bi-Monthly

- One Week long event

- Submit pokemon to Garbodor for points

- Points based off pokemon level, type, evolution, and rarity

- Pokemon submitted to Garbodor NEED to be OT owned

- Points could be used to buy Exp. Candies from the event shop. -OR- Pokemon submitted would give Exp. Candies based off points earned



- One week long event

- battle event

- players are given 3 choices of players to battle (Easy, Medium and Hard)

- each difficulty rewards different amounts of points (Difficulty based on player battle stats)

- clan and individual rewards with milestone rewards based on points earned



- one week long event

- clan teammates would work together catching unown pokemon

- every hour a word/phrase with no hints needs to be spelled

- submitting an unown pokemon destroys the pokemon even if its wrong

- rewards are granted after each spelled word, rewards based on difficulty of word/phrase

- only OT pokemon can be submitted to this event

- daily bonus words/phrases can be spelled with Shiny, Dark, Metallic, Shadow, or Mystic Unown pokemon for a better reward



- Catch multiples of a specific *Daily/weekly/monthly Pokémon 

- each catch is submitted to professor oak and is redeemed as points

- rewards for individual and clan ranking

- point shop -OR- milestone rewards based on points

- based on milestone, rewarded the *Daily/weekly/monthly Pokémon in any variant of choosing -OR- receive each variant at various milestones (based on points -OR- catches)

- points based on pokemon level, variant, and exp



- Tier based battle system

- lowest tier D, Highest Tier SS

- each player gets 200-500 battles

- each battle won earns 500-1000 points when attacking

- each battle lost earns 0 points when attacking

- each battle won earns 50-100 point when defending

- each battle lost loses 200 points when defending

- SS - top 50

  S - top 51-150

  A - top 151-300

  B - top 301-500

  C - top 501-1000

  D - all

- after the event has concluded each player within the top 30-50 can battle a player from the next tier lowest 30-50 for their spot. 

- depending on your rank, gain an additional % of points in all other events for the month. 




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