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Mega Pokemon catching!

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I am getting bored in the game, so I will be doing every week catching Pokémon for others. This week I will be catching Pokémon that can mega evolve. You won’t be getting a mega stone. You will get a Pokémon that mega evolves. I hope this will help people. Message me and I will hunt. It is for free. I will give it to you in trade. Just give me a random Pokémon.759MS.png863MS.png836MS.png

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I can give you a arbok, but it is not mega evolve.

I have a list right now it is. 1diancie 2.arbok

i was trying to get diancie, but it doesn't spawn at night. I caught ekans and evloved it. the arbok is going to be found in the trade center.arbok

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Shiny taranitaris something I can catch, but since the week is almost over it might just be shiny larvitar. Also my list is


1. Diance





6.shiny larvitar or shiny tryanitar.


Also the arbok is now for free since the person how asked is not answering.

I am sad to say that the week is over so I will be closed my next catching service will be shiny Pokémon.

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