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greninja purchasable attacks

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I got a greninja from trade, but the attacks are already changed by the owner, and when I try to see the greninja's attacks, I found bubble beam in one of his attacks,  but when I check his purchasable attacks, bubble beam is not available, and bubble beam is not one of it's basic attacks when it first evolved, and I don't know what he did to the greninja, but bubble beam should not be purchasable, the closest thing to it is bubble, mods if you are reading this, please help me check for problems in my greninja, cause bubble beam is one of the worst moves ever.greninjaMissingno.

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It's just an old Greninja, it used to be able to learn that move in a previous version of the game but can't any more.

If you don't like the attack, you can change it as you normally would with any Pokemon.

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