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Pokebay rules are annoying!

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I won't say all the rules are annoying, but there is one rule that I have already hated the since the first time it messed with me, that is the bidding too fast wait a UNLUCKY second rule! it costed me a auction cause right when I was about to win someone outbid me and I try to bid, but the stupid rule will let me ta da! he won't auction took my dream pokemon, with the help with that damn rule! I tell you what that rule is not making poke bay a fair place, it is making poke bay a corrupted market! please tell your thoughts on this and maybe remove the rule, cause if I lose another auction due to this, I am going to report the poke bay and burn it ashs man!

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If you were able to bid faster, so could the other person, so it would not be confirmed that you would end up with the Pokémon you wanted.
Also, if it really came down to quick last-second bids, I think it'd make people use bots more. Outside of not being allowed, that really goes against what should be okay.

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One more reason bid timeout is on to stop people from spamming "Place bid".


Price of pokemon is 100,000 pds

in last 5 sec 3 people start spamming "Place bid"

Price from 100,000 will rapidly increase by 10000 on each "Place bid" press. 

for example person can press "Place bid" 5 times a second, so 1 person will increase price for 250k in 5 seconds.

as result 3 people will increase price of pokemon from 100k to 850k


I have no problem for person that was selling pokemon, but what about person who won?

What if you were not did not note that price jumped too high for you? example you were willing to bid only 500k max?



Just bid max you are willing to bid and wait, if you win, you win. If someone is willing to pay more, then wait for next auction!

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