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It is a common practice for people that like to place in multiple seasons to "clean out" their account, yes.

They release everything they caught in the previous season or put them up for trade, leaving their account in a tidier state to do the next season.


Bear in mind, if you're someone who wants to do multiple seasons, you can keep your account in order as you go along. For example, if you catch a 3x Pidgey now and evolve two of them to Pidgeotto and Pidgeot for 3 "uniques"/dex entries, you can release them as soon as you're done with that, they will still count towards your season points/rank as anything you do is set in stone, it cannot be affected by releasing, trading or selling.


We hope to have more tools brought to players in future updates that can aid them in the daunting tasks of keeping their account in order for multiple seasons.

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