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Where did small wins go in lottery?


So recently I've started to notice that for the past few weeks, even months... the lottery in the pokemart is either you win or you lose. There has been quite a number of weeks with no winners, and for last weeks one, two winners. 


A few years back when I started playing (2020), the lottery system was such that almost every week, there would literally be around 15-20 winners of any kind. About 1-3 are those who win the grand prize, which was the big tens of millions and whatever pokemon was there then, and the remaining 17 winners would win small shares, maybe about 300k. 


Recalling then, I had won one lottery by obtaining this "small share" of 377k. Since December last year when I had made my comeback, these small shares seemed to have vanished. Was there a particular reason as to why they were removed? Or were they unknowingly removed from the game? 


Extra: Some of us feel that these "small shares" should return to the lottery, to at least give a chance to those who can't win the grand prize. At least a bit helps ;)

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As billabob said, they’re still there. You still get refunded ticket amounts (pmoney.gif25,000) on one number matches and a percentage of the pool on two number matches but the two number matches are just not listed any more for multiple reasons:

1a) It was always an extremely long list no one really cares about except for their own name. (maybe it could just show you your own wins, who knows)

1b) Because of the size of the list, it was potentially a bottle-neck on the site. (meaning if the list ever got too long, it would cause the page and possibly other sections of the game to slow down or time out when trying to load it)

2) When there was no top prize winners but many two number matches, I would often get asked why those people never won an Arceus (Unknown) or a higher amount of money, which evidently, meant the list was confusing for many.


Its just unnecessary information if you ask me. As I pointed out in 1a, it could be useful to know your own wins even on smaller wins but there’s not much need to know what other people are winning other than top prizes.


If you have anything to add on to what I said, idea-wise, feel free to create a post in the Ideas & Feedback section of the forums, player thoughts are always appreciated.

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You still get the small shares, they're just not listed any more. Not sure why. Maybe people didn't like having the amount they spent on lottery publicly available, you could easily work it out from how many times their name appears 

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