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Daily Prize isn’t being given

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My family plays this game together, so we use the same home wifi internet. 

All 4 of us are receiving this message. One of us got a daily prize and the rest of us see this without a prize: 

Pokémon won in the daily login are given in the form of a promo code, you can find the promo code in your inventory and can be redeemed here, on the dashboard.

10 Code

You won this daily login prize on another account.

To be sure you get something yourself, avoid

using public internet connections or mobile networks.


There has been days it states we didn’t log in at all. I think we’re receiving each others daily prizes, or something. The same prize showed up on 3 out of 4 of our accounts. Then only 1 of us gets a daily prize, the rest of us don’t get anything. 


I can send my browser information in a message to an administrator, I’m just afraid to post it, I don’t know if someone got it they could use it for bad. 
We play off of different devices when this started. 

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There's only one daily login reward given per IP address to prevent people from abusing the ability to create multiple accounts. Unfortunately this affects people playing within the same household as they'll all be on the same Internet router, and so the same IP. Not much to be done about it I'm afraid

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