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Serapheon's Exp Swap Shop


-All forums rules applied

-I only want exp swap

-I don't want exp on any normal pokemons

-If you want to swap a cute shiny pokemon you are most welcomed 

-Guys please don't hurt feelings of other players and no harsh conversation are allowed in my Shop

-Please enjoy your time visiting my shop


Pokemons for trade:

Shiny Articuno- 26.46M exp

Dark Pansage- 4.20M exp

Shiny Drilbur- 3.66M exp

Dark Vanillite- 3.68M exp

Shiny Pidgeotto- 3.18M exp

Metallic Snivy- 3.09M exp

Shiny Golem- 2.5M exp

Shiny Loudred- 2M exp

Shiny Barbaracle- 1.68M exp

Shiny Spritzee- 1.25M exp

Shiny Unfezant- 1.13M exp

Shiny Wooper- 1.10M exp

Shiny Jigglypuff- 1.06M exp

Shiny Pikachu- 1.04M Exp

Shiny Azumarill- 1.01M Exp

Shiny Dwebble- 1M exp

Shiny Noibat- 598K exp

Shiny Patrat-273K exp

Shiny Swanna-238K exp

All these pokemons are trained by me.

Guys I rate bug type pokemons high they were really hard to train.

Shiny GardevoirWelcomes every one...:x


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