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Can't Get Into Discord

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Hello I am desserted I have been trying for a while now but still I dont know why I can't get into the pokemon vortex discord, I know im not banned because I have never joined the discord before so that can't be the problem I am guessing its a glitch or bug, but I don't know. If you know a solution please tell me, and it wouldd be very helpful if you pokemon vortex admins can fix this for me. Thank you.

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It's not a "bug or glitch", as you well know. You're an alternate account of the scammer PokeLegend7 and judging by recent scam report posts, you're still at it under the name ManeNS.

You're not welcome in any community aspect of the game, that includes Discord and here on the forums. You lost any right to be part of the community when you started scamming other players.

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