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also if a scammer has a the scammed pokemon why dont you just take the pokemon before banning the account? is this game rund by a 7 year old? XD 



other mmo's are way better tbh

I spent months on this game to find out there's no justice in this game. its like god saying: oh you died? oh well you live on your own risk. now go to hell."

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In my eyes, this did not need to be a new topic. This could've been part of your previous one, as it is related to the same thing.
Let's assume the Pokémon were 'taken', where would they be placed? There is no magic 'teleport to an account' button. Especially if a scammer has Pokémon from a long time ago, where do those go? What if there's been trades between many accounts before the Pokémon ended up there. How should the admins know who the Pokémon should be with?

A trade, and especially trust trades, are risks. If you don't partake in them, you don't run the risk of losing your Pokémon.
You took it, you lost them. The scammer didn't do right, but you're partially to blame for this one too. This could've been avoided.

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