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Red's Farewell Giveaway (Chatroom)

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Red's Farewell Giveaway

 To enter the giveaway join the chatroom during the start time listed below and join channel #FarewellRed. 


                          Giveaway Details

The giveaway will be simple Pokemon related trivia (anime, official games, and Vortex) so have Google ready if you don't know the answer! The person who gives the correct answer FIRST is the winner. The prizes will be selected randomly and I will announce each prize before each question. There's lots of events and exp to be won so stick around for your chance to win one of the top prizes listed below. Good luck everyone!                                  



Start Time: Sunday, February 21st - 10:00 AM EST.


Top Prizes: Caterpie (Christmas) - 186mil exp

            Shadow Arceus (Electric)

            Shiny Arceus (Fairy)

            Metallic Volcanion 

            Shadow Metagross (Mega) - 30mil exp



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21 minutes ago, bilal.anwar said:

on 22nd feb , its my chemistry exam so i would not participate but my best wishes are with you, be happy and successful in your life :)

If you read the post it says start date is January 21st.

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It's sad that you're leaving, i hope that everything keep up for you. Thanks for do this giveaway, you're helping so much players doing that. I'm gonna still believe that you're gonna return to play one day, like some people do sometimes. (I'm a example, since i stopped on v2 and returned now)

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Aww.. Another god-tier player lost to reality!

Remember, no matter where you are or what you do in life- That you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.


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