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Pokeball Avatars Idea

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Maybe PV could add Pokeball Avatars? Like a Beast Ball Avatar with a 1:6 chance every time u claim a Beast Ball Promo Code


Same for Ultra Balls, Master Balls and Vortex Balls


But poke balls can be like beginner avatars and obtained by getting a poke ball? (lol)


Pokeball Avatars are sort of ugly, but i really love the beast ball design🥰



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More specific
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The current avatars are based on the Mystery Dungeon talking sprites. I'd love to see a purple Kecleon avatar on the site although it doesn't seem to be in Super? It does have some brilliant sprites though:



8s246Ow.png42VhUXB.pngpHad49X.png (there was a weird shadow version of this last one already lol, 151-smug)

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