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Pokemon Vortex Legendary and Unique Pokemon Trade Rates Guide.


There are many people in Pokemon Vortex who do not know the rates of Pokemon while trading so I decided to put three years of trading Experience together to help people who do not know rates of Pokemon while trading so here are the rates I have put up for now...



Unique Pokemon:


1 Normal Legend:

In Exp: around 200 000

In Uniques: 3 - 5 a certain person does not have. 5 - 7 if normals

In legends: 1 - 1 in case of no megas, 2 - 1 if mega

In Unique Legends: 2 - 1 Atleast that a certain person does not have. 3 - 1 if in case of megas.

 Unique Legend of ANY type:

In Exp: 300 000 - 400 000

In Uniques: 5 - 8 a certain person does not have, 8 - 15 if normal

In Legends: (You may see the "In Unique Legends" of "Normal Legends again!)

In Unique Legends: 1 - 1 in Unique Legends. 2 - 1 in case of Megas.


Normal Unique (Low levels, below 20):

In Exp: 15 000

In Uniques: 1 - 1 if normal. 2 - 1 if unique

In Legends: (May see the "In Unique Pokemon" of "Legendaries"'' "Normal Legend"!)

In Unique Legends: (May see the "In Unique Pokemon" of "Legendaries"' "Unique Legend"!)

Unique Pokemon:

In Exp: 20 000

In Uniques: 1 - 1 in all types

In Legends: (Done before this, may scroll a bit up!)

In Unique Legend: (Scroll up again...!)

Let me make this clear: ALL LEGENDS HAVE THE SAME RATE.



I will soon be adding events too so be patient...

Also Please do report any spelling error or any rates you think are wrong :)

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  • Developer

Noooo, no no no.

Sorry, I appreciate the time and research you may have put into this but we don't need "rates" especially not as a guide. People do not have to stick to a certain trade value on anything because it is not the same for every user.

Let me explain a few things;

The main problem is that one specific Pokemon can have a high value to yourself because you actually like the Pokémon. Whereas to someone else it could just be something to finish off a small or large collection.

The collection base also has various values because if it is a last Pokémon someone needs for a collection, for example, then they will obviously be willing to give a lot more than the average user would just so they can finish it up.

In whole, Pokémon are as valuable as you make them, no one has to stick to any specific rate and if you want 10,000,000 experience for your Dark Lugia because it took you 3 weeks to find, by all means ask for it. If you want just a legendary for legendary trade for your Dark Lugia because you don't even like it - The same applies.

I hope this clears up the problem I have with people trying to apply fixed rates on trades. It's nothing personal and again, thank you for wanting to contribute to our guide section, this just isn't the kind of thing I'd be looking to keep in it.

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