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Redirected images use HTTP first

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Browser & device information:


Is the issue recurring or has it only happened once?

  • The issue is a recurring issue due to my specific browser configuration.


Can you recreate the issue?

  • Yes


Have you checked the bug report forum to see if your issue has already been reported?

  • Yes


I improved the security of my browser with different plugins and one of the changes I made was blocking HTTP requests when the page making that request is an HTTPS page. That caused that some images like https://static.pokemon-vortex.com/v4/images/pokemon_front/Metallic Dragapult.png not being displayed when accessed from my browser (but the images loaded without problem from another browser). After some investigation I discovered that the cause of this is that the link is redirected to http://static.pokemon-vortex.com/v4/images/pokemon_front/Metallic dragapult.png,which is blocked by my browser configuration for being an HTTP resorce requested from an HTTPS website instead of redirected to https://static.pokemon-vortex.com/v4/images/pokemon_front/Metallic dragapult.png as it should happen if the HTTP request wasn't blocked.


It happens with more images, and this is just the first example I found. Would it be possible changing the redirecting code to redirect images like https://static.pokemon-vortex.com/v4/images/pokemon_front/Metallic Dragapult.png to the https version directly? I'm not planning on disabling the block in my browser and I can live with a few images not displaying, but I thought it would be nice reporting it regardless just in case it's something easy to fix from your end.

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