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A couple ideas for update

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i have 2 event ideas that will be listed so here they are!

#1: Fusion event

This event allows people to do around 100 sidequests to obtain an item called the unknown device. it allows you to combine two pokemon together and create a new custom one. You cannot fuse megas and this item can't be auctioned and the fused mons can't be auctioned or traded. This is because it fuses 3/4 of two pokemon's hp stats and combines their moves. this event would last for 3 weeks from start to end day. And the trainers would have full teams of level 120 legendaries.

#2: Complete Arceus. This would last 2-2.5 weeks from start to end day. It would have you collect at least three different variant  of arceus who become as rare as a rare pokemon and can be found anywhere the creation trio can. All captured arceus'  can't be used in battle, but past captured different variant ones would still work. this takes away all arceus' the user posseses and combines them into Arceus complete. IF you used all six variants of arceus in it, it becomes resistant to all attacks and does super effective damage to all pokemon. this pokemon cannot be traded and is unable to be auctioned. this pokemon has as many variant effects as the ones used. it also gains 200 hp if a shiny one is used and gains all other effects. BUT, before being able to do this, you have to catch ALL unown and atleast three of them with a variantation. this is supposed to make it a lot harder to get.

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