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Favourite Events In Vortex

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Well, I played V2 but was to lazy (and bad I guess) to do any events. The only event I have done is the Zygarde, so that is my favorite. It really was a pain in the Unown (A)Unown (S)Unown (S)though...

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Well i have never participated in any events other than the vivillon and zygardes event and the pikachu christmas although i want to do a kyurem forms event i want the white form so bad haha but id have to say the vivillon is the best one for me the zygarse is too hard and i dont know how people find cores way too fast its just not my luck i guess 

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Guest Çağrı Budakoğlu

Who knows i only saw Arceus water. And i remember something about interesting pokemons selling in pokemarket and mewtwo (armor). It was years ago. Started only 2 weeks ago after soo many years. I was played pokemon crater

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