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I GOT HACKED!!! Help please?!

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I really need help. I got hacked and I want my account back.

FlammerTraining is hacked.

I tried to reset password, but I don't get a E-mail.

Please help!!

If you are reading this please visit the account and watch the original trainer of the pokemons. Almost all pokemons are from my main account Flammer.

IGN: Flammer / FlammerTraining

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you probably shared the password with your relatives or friends?did you have any partners?when did you last login?more details please :)

also,its unlikely you got hacked because the site is quite secure,you might have misplaced your password or shared it,so check again

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57 minutes ago, DeMerican said:

I agree with Uncle on this and you have mall of your leggies/events/uniques on still which someone probably would have taken if they hacked your account so you probably just are getting your account password -_-

He's my Uncle too :/ 

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  • Developer

This is not what the questions forum is for. If you have a problem regarding your game account, post it in the correct section whether you're experiencing a bug or glitch or you need to report another player for stealing your things.

To the answers, again, this is not what the answers are for, you don't need to discuss anything other than the question that was asked.

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