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Hi. I'm ZagadaxD, same old person way back before the rollback happened, as you can see I have made a trading thread regarding my events, its was only a test. But, here it is, my Pokedex Completion Trades Thread and everything whatnot. Have a look, Enjoy! :^_^:


1. Global Forum Rules apply.

2. NO TRADING with other people in my thread.

3. No spamming and double posting.

4. Not online 24/7 so please wait for my reply. Much appreciated.



8 Pokemon From My WISHLIST = Any Shadow or Shiny Legendary Pokemon of your choice.

5 Pokemon From My WISHLIST = Any Dark or Mystic Legendary Pokemon of your choice.

4 Pokemon From My WISHLIST = Any Metallic Legendary Pokemon of your choice.

2 Pokemon From My WISHLIST = Any Normal Legendary Pokemon of your choice.



Mystic AbraMystic HonedgeShiny AipomShiny AipomMystic AipomShadow AipomShiny AbraMystic AlomomolaMystic SwabluMystic SwabluDark FoongusShiny MareepShiny MareepMetallic MareepDark MareepMystic MareepMetallic EkansShiny EkansMystic EkansShadow EkansShiny SpinarakDark SpinarakShadow SpinarakMetallic AronDark AronShadow AronMystic AudinoShiny BergmiteMystic BergmiteShadow Axew



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6 minutes ago, Destory said:

Shiny%20Shaymin%20(Sky).giffor Shiny Thundurus?

Offer up! :)

Welp, I'd say you cheated on me because you lacked the Shadow Shaymin (Sky)in the offer, but I accepted it anyways, consider it as parting gift for having too many edits :P But you can offer it again on the Shiny Thundurus if you feel guilty :P


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17 hours ago, greatbunny said:

sorry, no and no, I can't give you 30 best unique legends for your missingno. I can give you 30 in your list but from my choice.

Okat then, you're choice, but once again, NO NORMALS like ShayminShaymin (Sky) from your previous offer :3

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