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Kyurem Trading Thread

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                                                                   Kyurem Trading Thread


Sup everyone,Welcome to my thread :D. This is a temporary thread of Kyurems and stuffs.


  • All Global Forum Rules Apply.
  • No other member trading in my thread.
  • Don't Beg and ask for free Pokemon.
  • Don't just say "I have a ____. What will you offer?"
  • Be fair while trading.
  • Eg. Dont be like this= Your Zygarde (Complete) for my Dark Kyuremx2 and Shadow Kyuremx2 as they are both events. That Normal Complete worth alot.
  • Ain't trading any Kyurem.


  • For 2 Unique Reshiram or Zekrom(from my IGN)= 1 Unique Kyurem
  • For 1 Unique Reshiram or Zekrom(from my IGN)= 1 Normal Kyurem
  • For 1 Unique Core(from my IGN)= 2-3 Unique Kyurem
  • For 1 Normal Jedi(from my IGN)= 1-2 Unique Kyurem
  • For Normal Complete(from my IGN)= All Pokemon I want
  • For 1 Unique Legends(From my IGN)= 1 Normal Zekrom/Reshiram
  • For 2 Unique Legends(From my IGN)=1 Normal Kyurem
  • For 4 Unique Legends(From my IGN)= 1 Unique Kyurem/Zekrom/Reshiram
  • For 1 Normal Core= 1 Unique Kyurem

Here's what I need:-


Metallic Kyurem

Here's what I'll be offering:-


Metallic ReshiramMetallic Zekromx2Mystic ZekromPikachu (Jedi)x4Shiny ZekromZygarde (Complete)Dark Zygarde (Core)Shadow Zygarde (Core)Zygarde (Core)

And many more Unique Legends and Non-Legends on IGN: MaNaV16 and MaNaV16_Uniques

Thanks! For Visiting :D.

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4 minutes ago, AM007 said:

Metallic zekrom for normal reshiram

Because you are new, you might have not known the global rules of the forums. In that case, double posting is not allowed. Double posting is posting two posts while the one above the post you just posted is yours. To avoid this, you can edit your post with the tool added to the forums. This way you don't have to post again and again to make your offers more clear.

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