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Suhail Asgher

Suhail's Trading Thread (Zygarde Event Updated)

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Zygarde Event

I have Metallic Zygarde (Core)x3Mystic Zygarde (Core)x3Dark Zygarde (Core)x1Metallic Zygarde (Cell)x9 Mystic Zygarde (Cell)x7 Shadow Zygarde (Cell)x5 Dark Zygarde (Cell)x4

i want  4Shiny Zygarde (Cell)for any one of my unique core, or oneShiny Zygarde (Cell) for any 2 of my unique cells

and i also i have Shadow Zygarde& Shiny Zygardewhich i will trade for Zygardex2 for each.

interested people pm me on my ign:suhailbhutto

Pokemon Up For Trade

Event Pokemon

Missingno.Pikachu (Christmas)Mystic Pikachu (Christmas)Shadow Pikachu (Christmas)Vivillon (Fancy)Dark Vivillon (Fancy)Metallic Vivillon (Fancy)Mystic Vivillon (Fancy)Shadow Vivillon (Fancy)Vivillon (Pokeball)Dark Vivillon (Pokeball)Metallic Vivillon (Pokeball)Mystic Vivillon (Pokeball)Shadow Vivillon (Pokeball)Shiny Vivillon (Pokeball)

Fossil & Primal Pokemon

AerodactylDark AerodactylMetallic AerodactylMystic AerodactylShadow AerodactylShiny Aerodactyl

KabutoDark KabutoMetallic KabutoMystic KabutoShadow KabutoShiny Kabuto

OmanyteDark OmanyteMetallic OmanyteMystic OmanyteShadow OmanyteShiny Omanyte

LileepShieldonCranidosShiny CranidosShadow CranidosLatios (Mega)Shiny Latios (Mega)Shiny Latias (Mega)

Unique Legendary Pokemon

Mystic TornadusShadow ArceusShadow ArticunoShadow AzelfShadow CelebiShadow CresseliaShadow DarkraiShadow GenesectShadow HeatranShadow JirachiShadow KeldeoShadow KyuremShadow MewtwoShadow MoltresShadow PalkiaShadow RaikouShadow Rayquaza (Mega)Shadow RegiceShadow RegigigasShadow RegisteelShadow ReshiramShadow ShayminShadow TerrakionShadow UxieShadow VirizionShadow Xerneas (Active)Shadow ZekromShadow ZygardeShiny ArticunoShiny AzelfShiny DarkrownShiny DeoxysShiny KyuremShiny LandorusShiny LatiasShiny LugiaShiny MespritShiny MewShiny PalkiaShiny ReshiramShiny Shaymin (Sky)Shiny TornadusShiny VirizionShiny Xerneas (Active)Shiny ZekromShiny Zygarde& many more


Pokemon I Want

Shiny Zygarde (Partial)Shiny Zygarde (Complete)Shiny Missingno.Shadow Missingno.Pikachu (Belle)Pikachu (Libre)Pikachu (Ph. D.)Pikachu (Pop Star)Pikachu (Rock Star)

IGN: suhailbhutto

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On 27/02/2016 at 6:21 PM, Brocko said:

Hey man I saw your pokemon and they are very good! Look at my igh pippy123

saw your Pokemon didn't find anything interesting sorry bro


On 26/02/2016 at 9:29 PM, Brocko said:

Hey bro nice Pokemon if it were me I would never trade them! :P

thanks bro


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