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Trading Kyurem

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Trading off some of my Kyurem


What I have:

Kyurem(x?? (a lot)) Metallic Kyurem Shiny KyuremMystic KyuremDark KyuremShadow Kyurem

 Mystic Kyurem (Black)(x1) Kyurem (Black)(x2) Kyurem (White) (x2)

Reshiram Dark Reshiram



What I want:

Not looking for any legends, just looking for any events and fossils.



Dark Rotom (Halloween)Dark Pikachu (Christmas)Dark AnorithDark LileepDark CranidosDark Shieldon

Metallic Rotom (Halloween)Metallic Pikachu (Christmas)Metallic AnorithMetallic LileepMetallic CranidosMetallic Shieldon

Mystic Rotom (Halloween)Mystic Pikachu (Christmas)Mystic AnorithMystic LileepMystic CranidosMystic Shieldon

Shiny Rotom (Halloween)Shiny Pikachu (Christmas)Shiny AnorithShiny LileepShiny CranidosShiny Shieldon

Shadow Rotom (Halloween)Shadow Pikachu (Christmas)Shadow AnorithShadow LileepShadow CranidosShadow Shieldon




Depends on what you have, all good offers are accepted. 



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i have Lileepwhats your offer for it.... i did not need normal Kyurem and Dark Reshiram and Normal Reshiram and Normal White and black...

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4 hours ago, verrattifan said:

Updated list of available Kyurem

Hi! I don't have much events currently but I do have a normal kabuto for you if you wanted it..I wanted 2 of your normal kyurems..please reply...we can negotiate.

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