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Hello everyone

~Simple intro~

*Don't spam*

*If i don't answer i don't like your offer*

*I need mostly exp*


Normal Legendary - 150 k

Dark/Mystic/Metallic Legendary -  300 k

Shadow Legendary - 350 k

Shiny Legendary - 450k




IGN : photoshopbate

EeveeMetallic EeveeMystic EeveeShiny Eevee2x

Dark ScatterbugShiny Scatterbug


Shiny AronShiny BouffalantShiny BulbasaurShiny CaterpieShiny DwebbleShiny GibleShiny HoppipShiny HoundourShiny KarrablastShiny KricketotShiny LedybaShiny LitleoShiny MiltankShiny Mime Jr.Shiny MunchlaxShiny NoibatShiny OnixShiny PanchamShiny PhanpyShiny PichuShiny PidgeyShiny PonytaShiny RaltsShiny RhyhornShiny SandshrewShiny ScraggyShiny SeviperShiny SewaddleShiny SwadloonShiny ShelmetShiny SlakothShiny VigorothShiny StantlerShiny SwirlixShiny TaurosShiny TeddiursaShiny TurtwigShiny GrotleShiny WhismurShiny WurmpleShiny WynautShiny YanmaShiny Zangoose




TornadusCelebiMewShayminShaymin (Sky)LatiasVirizionTornadusManaphyAzelf


Metallic GroudonMetallic Shaymin (Sky)


Mystic KyuremMystic Shaymin


Dark Celebi


Shiny Reshiram  Shiny Latias


Shadow MewShadow Uxie








Metallic Zygarde (Cell)Zygarde (Cell)Dark Zygarde (Cell)

   Metallic Pikachu (Christmas)Pikachu (Christmas)


Shiny Sableye<-25mil 

Shiny Mew<-1mil

Vivillon (Archipelago)Vivillon (Elegant)Vivillon (Garden)Vivillon (Icy Snow)Vivillon (High Plains)Vivillon (Marine)Vivillon (Jungle)Vivillon (Meadow)Vivillon (Pokeball)Vivillon (River)Vivillon (Sun)Vivillon (Sandstorm)

Vivillon (Continental)Shiny Vivillon (Continental)

Vivillon (Ocean)Shadow Vivillon (Ocean)

Vivillon (Polar)Metallic Vivillon (Polar)

Vivillon (Monsoon)Dark Vivillon (Monsoon)Shiny Vivillon (Monsoon)


IGN : photoshopbate



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9 hours ago, StarPonyta20 said:

What do you need for Zygarde (Complete) + Metallic Pikachu (Christmas) + Metallic Zygarde (Cell) + Metallic Shaymin (Sky)?

They are mentioned in order of what I want most. Any unique legends you want are available, as are the pichus on EeveeFlare4ever. My IGN is StarPonyta20.

I need events or exp .. I dont see u having any of those in your acc so ... sorry 

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10 hours ago, london456 said:

20 mill for ur normal zygarde complete

best offer so far , on witch pokemon ?


4 hours ago, StarPonyta20 said:

How much EXP? What kind of events? Also, you are fairly new, so there's that to take into consideration...

im not fairy new lol , do u know what is pokemon crater u smart ass ? i go way back i scrambled the topic in 1 min i dont know whats up with the "fairly new" stuff

10 hours ago, Nutella Navigator said:

Shuppet7,934,795 + Metallic Gastly7,910,000 EXP for Zygarde (Complete)?

i will need more exp m8 , the dude bellow you offered 20 mil .

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19 hours ago, photoshoper said:

best offer so far , on witch pokemon 

It is on 2 pokemon which combine make 20 mill exp. They are Mystic Dusknoirand Dark Chandelure. I have many other pokes with exp so if u want one of those pokes with exp then check ign lul and tell me

Edited by london456
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