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CrazyBot Random Legend Giveaway!

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☆ CrazyBot Random Legend Giveaway! ☆
This machine is broken! Loot from it while you can!
You have a 1/288 chance to get the legend that you want!


Note: Map legends only. Check http://txt.do/5bchw for list.
Wait your turn.
Impatience irks Mr. Fix-It and makes him repair it faster. 

CrazyBot uses http://www.textfixer.com/tools/random-choice.php.
3 only per user/IGN |  | post your IGN to get your gift

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1 minute ago, Ifrit said:

Congratulations! You got:

Shadow DarkrownMystic ArceusShiny Mesprit

Unfortunately, you do not have any Pokémon up for trade. Please trade one (1) Pokémon of your choice to complete.

Thanks.You can offer now.

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29 minutes ago, Goketa said:

Goketa-Saiyan :P

Congratulations! You got:

Shadow JirachiShiny JirachiDark Moltres

Please accept offer on your Caterpie to complete transaction.


11 minutes ago, manavsharma9231 said:

Can we get more prizes by joining again?


CrazyBot recognizes second-time looters and will use tear gas to detract them!
Return again after CrazyBot is repaired and broken again.

Edited by Uncle_Psychic
Mod Edit : Please do not Double Post in future.
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