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Evolution Moveset Choice

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Hi Admin/Mods, 

At present, we have all or none type of choice to select moveset while evolving pokemons. 

For instance, while evolving charmander to charmeleon, we can either keep the entire moveset of charmander or allow the charmeleon to take 4 new moves. 

I think it would be great if we are given an option to take up some moves from charmander and some moves from charmeleon. That is to say, instead of all or none type of choice, we should get a wide range of choices. 

I know it wouldn't be easy to implement, considering that pokemons with L, M & T are yet to receive their available moves. 

But I am hopeful that you might implement this idea at a later date. 


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I agree with this idea. This is needed in Vortex. I lost over a million PokeCash when I hurriedly used to evolve my Pokemon :T_T:

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