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Shut up and take my Pokemon!

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Real life sucks. Jobs, college searching, and pretending to be a decent human being are taxing. So, I have decided that this site is just going to have to be cut from my free time (or lack thereof...).

Being that Trading is a thing right now due to the event, I decided I'd get this done now. Help the community with the trade counter and kill off any temptations to pull an all-nighter before work to beat side quests with my dream team I have put together

Account is -    PkMn_Trainer_Aura_     (Formatted to copy and paste)

So, anything is available, including a couple events. All is up on my trade page. Take it. Give me all your level 5 Delibirds/Nidorans/Shuckles/Caterpie/Magikarp, ect.


Sorry, not sorry. But I really am sorry, because I'll miss this site and the Vortexinoid community. Best of luck to all, and happy gaming!


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I keep forgetting my IGN because I'm a genius.
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8 minutes ago, Hex A. Decimal said:
3 hours ago, Ege said:

Made some offers, feel free to offer leftovers on my pokes:D

Thanks for the giveaway, Goodbye

This has nothing to do with anything, but I am so in love with your profile picture.

I thought the same, I love it! 

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