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Some ideas I feel would surely make users happy.

1 - There has been a time lapse of 10 seconds set, between winning two battles. But, I hope you understand that, when we fight with a "one pokemon" team repeatedly, it irritates many users (including me) coz of the timer.
So, my suggestion is to decrease the timers respectively to the number of pokemons we fight against.

2 - The Clan Ranking System is good. But, there are Banned Players included in the clan, whose Exp helps the clan in their ranking. For eg. - in clan Artic Eevees, Four out of the Top Six users are banned [whose total exp would be around 1437 M ], but their exp keeps the clan ranking up.
So, my suggestion is that - As soon as a player is banned, he should be removed from his clan automatically.

3 - Please consider allowing the clan leader to exit the clan, at least when the clan has been empty and no activity related to the clan has been made. 

4 - While using : "View all of member's Pokémon", could you add filters or sorters?

5 - While Using : "Search Trades" - "Pokemon" - it would be nice to know which users are online, so that we dont have to click on anyone to check whether they are online or not.
Maybe add a Green Dot sign or something. Jst any indicator.

6 - The Pokemon with the Banned Players, should not be ideally included in the counter of number of a certain pokemon present in this game. The main reason of it being that there are a lots of banned users with events and good fossils or leggies. 

7 - There is already a reputation button for every post we make on forums. But there should be an opposite button for disliking too. Especially for the Suggestions that we provide you. This will even help the developers to know whether the suggestion should be implemented or not. And the other users will also know wat other players think. 

Thank You in advance, if you ever consider any of these to change in Vortex. 

Thank You for reading.

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