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Pokedex Mega Thread!

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Hello! And welcome to my trade post!

Allot of pokemon are being added every day on both my wishlist and what i have to trade sections!


1. All forum rules apply

2. No means no

3. I do not offer

4. Have fun!

Taking Pre evolutions of everything on the lists :)



Metallic ArceusMetallic AzumarillShiny AzumarillMystic AzumarillMetallic Azurill




Shiny BanetteMystic Banette (Mega)Metallic BarbaracleShiny BarbaracleMetallic Basculin (Blue Stripe)Shadow Basculin (Blue Stripe)Mystic Basculin (Red Stripe)

Metallic BayleefMystic BeautiflyMetallic BeedrillShiny BeedrillMystic BeedrillShadow BeedrillMetallic Beedrill (Mega)

Shiny BeheeyemDark BeldumShiny BellossomShadow BellossomMetallic Bellsprout

Shiny BellsproutMystic BellsproutShadow BellsproutMetallic BergmiteDark BergmiteMystic BergmiteShadow Bergmite

Shiny BibarelDark BibarelMystic BibarelShiny BidoofDark BidoofMystic BidoofShiny Binacle

Shiny BlastoiseMetallic BlazikenDark BlazikenMystic BlazikenMetallic Blaziken (Mega)Dark Blaziken (Mega)

Dark BlitzleShiny BoldoreMystic BouffalantShadow BouffalantMetallic Braixen

Dark BraixenShiny BreloomMystic BronzongMetallic BudewShiny BudewMetallic BuizelShiny Buizel

Shiny BunearyShadow BunearyShadow Butterfree

What can you get for these? Check the trades on e-trade!



(You may argue these, if you wish lol im no expert on rates)

1 unique = 1 unique

1 normal legend = 1 normal legend or 3 uniques

1 unique legend = 1 unique legend or 4 uniques




Thanks :)

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I am deeply interested in your trades. But the thing is that already have, I guess all of the pokemon that you are going to trade. Nut the only pokemon I do not have is Zygarde 80%. But I am not interested in that.


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Thanks for the post, i am constantly adding new pokemon, so hopefully soon there will be more, are you after uniques at all? im going to compile a huge list of uniques soon, and some fossils :)


Update: Added Dark kabuto

Update: Just got Shiny Aero from sidequests :D - removed from list

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5 hours ago, CadderIy said:

check cad_uniques if i have any of those :P at least i do have some chicoritas

Hey cad :)

I looked through your uniques trades and i am interested in:

Dark Squirtle
Metallic Bidoof
Metallic Bouffalant
Mystic Squirtle
Mystic Squirtle
Shadow Binacle
Shadow Squirtle
Shiny Chikorita
Shiny Torchic


What would you like for these? :D


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3 minutes ago, CadderIy said:
46 minutes ago, Eventz said:

Lmao this is glitching so bad on me :D but offered, thx

Seems to have worked for me now :D
No idea what happened haha, thanks allot accepted

Be sure to check back, its hard to get trades here xD

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 Interested in mettalic arceus. Will give you 5 uniques! You can check my account for pokes too! Ign: red_thunder

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