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Greatbunny's Kyurem event related trades

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This is my thread to trade Kyurem, Zekrom and Reshiram for other events.

What I have for trading:


KyuremShadow KyuremShiny Kyurem

Dark ReshiramMetallic ReshiramMystic ReshiramShiny Reshiram

Dark ZekromMetallic ZekromMystic ZekromShadow ZekromShiny Zekrom

Kyurem (White)Kyurem (Black)Shadow Kyurem (White)Shadow Kyurem (Black)


What I want:


These are the only ones I want, please don't offer others:

Normal and Unique Pikachu (Christmas)

Normal and Unique Vivillon (Pokeball) and Vivillon (Fancy)

Unique Pikachu (Jedi) (no normal one wanted)

Unique Core (no normal one wanted)

Metallic Kyurem

My rates:


my normal kyurem = normal christmas or normal pokeball


my normal kyurem white or black or unique zekrom or reshiram

= any of these:

- normal fancy

- unique jedi

- unique core


my unique kyurem or

my unique zekrom or reshiram + normal kyurem

= any of these:

- unique christmas

- unique pokeball

- unique fancy

- metallic kyurem


my unique kyurem black/white = shadow fancy



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13 hours ago, Joshua Hambly said:

i got a mystic core i want shiny kyurem and shadow kyurem


dont withdraw your offer

mate you really need to stop double posting,its considered as spamming and you've been warned about it

please use the edit button

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2 hours ago, Joshua Hambly said:

i didn't double post i made 2 separate comments 

making 2 separate comments one after the other without someone else posting before you did so is double posting and kind of spamming,so use the edit button

if you want further information pm me,sorry for the inconvenience @greatbunny

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3 hours ago, Alex777 said:

My Normal Vivillon Pokeball for your normal kyurem? If yes, please offer at. Alex777 after the maintenance.

He's banned now

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On 6/12/2016 at 9:54 AM, Alan Solis said:

He's banned now

wow this is hilarious... his team was hard-working and they donated $500 to vortex I believe, I told him this was stupid, but he said he liked the game, I guess it is not reciprocal :D

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