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So it's been a while I have hosted a giveaway or contest. I am currently a busy person and mainly focusing on Future Life and Vortex. So I thought of hosting a giveaway.

What are you giving away?


  • To enter this Giveaway you must have at least 30 Posts.
  • Which one page will you definitely want to see in the Pokémon Vortex Wiki?
  • Just Post your Usernames then.
  • Haters are also welcomed to enter.

On a Side Note, since most of you have serious trust issues with me even though I am trustworthy, the List will be randomized by @Drawnzer so that none of you haters blame me for rigging a giveaway. 

The Giveaway ends when I want it to be over. Be sure to follow me if you are entering. ^_^


  • StarPonyta20
  • AkoNeePlays
  • RNGCharizard
  • Pheonix_Lancing
  • BigKike
  • bial.anwar
  • Starkban
  • himanshu24092002
  • ShadowConspiracy
  • Uncle_Psychic
  • Goketa
  • Assassin_Creed
  • Shadow Khan
  • SneezeUniques
  • Xaoz
  • DannyV
  • CadderIy
  • Ege
  • london456
  • Becky
  • shruikan
  • ThunderTwister
  • clockwork
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I would like to see a page on the rarity of events, compared to each other so its easier to make rates. It'd be even more impressive if you could get information on those numbers in active accounts.

IGN: RNGCharizard

I think my posts are above 30 now? I don't know you too well, still thanks for the giveaway :) I don't know why some people are bothered by trusting people who host raffles/contests, to me you have to lose that trust to not be trusted

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First things first, because people have serious trust issues with ME, I'll explain why I gave Zeus a 5/5 for being an awesome person. Unlike many of the people floating around here, Zeus has been an active participant in the Forums for as long as I can even think back. Remember all of those guides that he did for us? Think about how difficult and boring that is. Now, think about having to do that all over again because the forums got swiped. Yeah, that would suck, so that's why I gave Zeus a 5/5. 

IGN: Pheonix_Lancing

What I would like to see on the Wiki pages:

I would like to see something kind of more 'Wikipedia' like.  What I mean by that is that people can submit potential edits to the Wikipedia staff, and the staff can approve or decline the suggested edit. Also, this saves a potential PM from player to a staff for just a simple spelling mistake (I'm not even a staff member can I get a crap ton of message. Shout out to the people who keep their heads on while reading their messages). 

Best Regards ~ Pheonix_Lancing

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Wiki? More additional regarding Pokemon Vortex. Especially it's history, how it was developed. And son on, and so on.

IGN: ShadowConspiracy

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1 hour ago, manavsharma9231 said:

ign: manavsharma9231

on wiki i want to seeeee?? :chat:

yes it's Serena's Pagetumblr_nvk51mizGp1unkbmho6_1280.jpg...

Serena doesn't exist in Pokemon Vortex, so that will never happen.

3 minutes ago, Goketa said:

Goketa :P


5 hours ago, BigKike said:


Read Rules?


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