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Our YouTube has been dead for years now and we would really like to do something with it to make subscribing worth the click. We're reaching out to the community to help us get started! We're accepting video guides for the game and if we like them, we will upload them directly to our YouTube for everyone to see, with appropriate credit given of course.

We just have a few requirements:

  • The video must be 1080p or higher in quality.
  • You must provide understandable commentary, with a high quality voice recording device. We're not asking for studio mic quality, just don't sound terrible. (No static, background noise, etc.)
  • No copyrighted music. If you want some good background music, NoCopyrightSounds is a good place to look.
  • You must provide accurate information so make sure to triple check your work.
  • We want these video guides to be somewhat short and to the point, so we're giving you roughly a 10 minute time limit. If you feel like you can't fit a guide into that time limit, perhaps you can split it into two separate guides? No part 1, part 2, part 3 video chains please.
  • No need to make an intro animation, we have one made and will be using ours.

We leave the rest up to you video editors! To submit your videos to us, just send them to Chris in a private message. :raichu:


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