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Scheme 1:


Shiny Reshiram
Shadow Reshiram
Dark Reshiram
Mystic Reshiram
Metallic Reshiram

Shiny Zekrom
Shadow Zekrom
Dark Zekrom
Mystic Zekrom
Metallic Zekrom

Looking For:

3-4 Normal Kyurem for each Special Reshiram or Zekrom

Don't want anything else.

IGN: sas1sas1


(sas1 got banned)


Scheme 2:

Looking for:

Donation Pokemons (Normal & Special)

Hoopa (Unbound) Mewtwo (Armor) Giratina (Origin) Arceus (Fairy)


Experience (I don't have any pokemon above 10 million exp,so expect only broken exp.)



Zygarde (Complete)Shiny Zygarde (Complete)Shadow Zygarde (Complete)Dark Zygarde (Complete)Mystic Zygarde (Complete)Metallic Zygarde (Complete)

I also have a full set of

Zygarde (Cell)Zygarde (Core)Zygarde (Partial)Kyurem (Black)Kyurem (White)Pikachu (Christmas)Pikachu (Jedi)Pikachu (Belle)Pikachu (Libre)Pikachu (Ph. D.)Pikachu (Pop Star)Pikachu (Rock Star)Rotom (Halloween)Vivillon (Pokeball)Vivillon (Fancy)



Only sensible offers please. Please don't ask me what I can give for your donation pokemon. Please let me know what do you want and what can you offer.


IGN: sas1sas1


(sas1 got banned)


Please don't mix up schemes.

Either follow Scheme 1 or Scheme 2.




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2 hours ago, rishivojjala014-2 said:

My shadow vivillon fancy , for your shadow pokeball + shadow pikachu chritsmas + any unique rotom Halloween of your choice ???

I already have all the Vivillons. 

I don't want events. I want donation pokemons. 

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all cosplays (I mean the whole 5 old cosplays set) for my shadow origin or shadow fairy? :D (just choose one)

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