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Pokémon Vortex v3
Pokémon Vortex is a free online Pokémon MMORPG based on that of Pokémon Crater.
It has many features Crater had and more.
These include:
- v3's biggest update was obviously the introduction of in-game clans. Once you have completed all gyms, elite 4's, champions, battle frontiers and battle maison, you will be able to create your own clan. Of course if you want to get stuck in right from the start, you can join other peoples clan as soon as you create your account without the need to complete all of the gyms.
Clans have their own battle function where you will be assigned a random player of another clan to battle, once you have completed that battle you will be able to battle your next opponent. These wins are all added up between every member of the clan to make your clans total battle count which will help put you up on that Clans leaderboard.
The clans leaderboard is similar to the top trainers one but the points for clans is based on total experience of everyone in the clan, total wins and how many members are in it.
There are many updates in the works still yet to come for this new section of the game.
Map navigation and player integration.
- You can search through 25 elemental maps (Fire, Grass, Water, Ghost/Psychic, Electric, Ice and Rock) for all your favorite Pokémon to catch and battle.
Each map has its distinct elemental Pokémon to be found on it with over 700 Pokémon in five different types.
You can choose the appearance your trainer which will be seen on the maps, there are 20+ sprites to choose from, seeing other members on the map will allow you to click their chosen character sprite and have the options to battle them, message them, view their trades, or view their profile.
Maps now also have a time preference you can find in the Options tab. This is used to manipulate the time of day it is on the maps so you can find specific Pokémon. For example, something like Murkrow will only be able to be found at night whereas Latias can only be found in the day.
Trainer battling.
- There are numerous battling methods on Vortex, you can battle through the gyms to collect all the badges from Kanto, Johto, Orange Islands, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and the Elite 4's/Champions from these regions.
In addition, there are also the Battle Frontiers from the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions as well as the Kalos Battle Maison to complete before you can find legendary Pokémon on the maps.
You can also battle your friends and other online members through their profile page or searching a username through the battle page.
Sidequests are also available and now finally have prizes. You can work your way through the regions of the Pokémon games such as Kanto to gain experience, money, achievements, items and exclusive Pokémon.
Finally, there are the Event battles, you can battle all the teams of your favorite villain characters of Pokémon such as Team Rocket and Team Aqua. Special events will be added occasionally, or during specific holidays.
Pokemon Types.
- Pokémon Vortex includes its own six types of Pokémon to collect, over a total of 5,300+ Pokémon.
These types are Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic and Shadow. Each type has its significant battling purpose which can be read about in more detail here.
There are also special types of Pokémon for you to battle on your way through Sidequests and the Event battles such as Pink or Clone:
Pink Rhyhorn.gifClone Charizard.gif
- We have a significant top trainer list here on Vortex, the list can be ordered in 4 different ways giving you 4 possibilities to enter the list.
The main order is by points which is calculated from all factors of your account. (Total experience, average experience, unique Pokémon and battle count)
Each of these are ways in which the top trainer list can be ordered by.
There is also a ranking board for the Pokémon that have the highest experience in the game. Stick to one Pokémon and go all out - You'll eventually end up with one on there.
Finally the richest users list is where you will end up if you decide to save all those hard earned Pokédollars rather than spending them. This list is ordered by who has the highest amount of money in the game currently.
Unique Pokémon.
- Vortex has its own unique Pokémon made by staff and members, so far these include Darkrown, Mewtwo (Armor), Rotom (Halloween), Caterpie (Christmas), Dratinire, Dratinice and Dratinilic.
Each come in all of the six Vortex types, Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic and Shadow and can be obtained in different ways.
These Pokémon are as follows:
Dratinice.gifDratinilic.gifDarkrownRotom (Halloween)Pikachu (Christmas)Mewtwo (Armor)Caterpie (Christmas)
We add more Vortex unique Pokémon as we come across a nicely designed sprites we're willing to use.
- We have a very detailed trade system where you can search for, offer and put up your own Pokémon in a trade. Trading can also be made easier to find a specific Pokémon or requirement by using the trade forums here.
- You can keep track of all the Pokémon in your account through the Pokédex side tab. This lists every Pokémon, here on Vortex in all five types that you own and need.
Pokémon you own are depicted with a pb.gif and Pokémon you need are depicted with a npb.gif
- As you would expect, evolution is available on Vortex with realistic methods. Many Pokemon evolve through leveling up in battles while others require an elemental stone which can be purchased at the PokéMart.
With v3 came in new methods of evolution such as gender-based evolution, happiness evolution and many new item-based evolution's.
Oh, and the long awaited mega evolution's are finally here.
You can read about how to evolve specific Pokémon on Vortex by visiting the evolution forum guide here
- Vortex has its own in-game messaging system where you can communicate with other members instantly, you can save sent messages and store received messages in your inbox. You can message a member by clicking 'New Message' on the message page or by clicking 'Send Message' on a users public profile.
You can also block people from messaging you who you would rather not having contact you by clicking the block button on their profile.
If you have it enabled, you will get message notifications whenever you receive a new message.
- You have 2 profiles, a main profile that only you can view and a public profile for other members to see.
Your private profile can stores your email address, Forum username and Skype username privately if you do not wish for this information to be publicly available. You can also track your progress through this page, it displays your username, sprite, wins/losses, points, unique Pokémon, total experience, average experience, money, register date, public comments and all your badges.
You can edit your profile comments/Email/Forum username/Skype username and change your password from the options near the top of the page.
You also have settings on the right side of the page allowing you to turn off messages and message notification. These options can also be found in the options side tab.
Your public profile is slightly the same unless you chose to hide your Email, Forum username and Skype username. Public profiles also keep your money hidden.
This profile will allow other members to see your current Pokémon team along with badges and certain options such as; message, view trades, view all Pokémon, battle, add to friends and ignore.
Finally, this page displays your last login to Pokémon Vortex.
Fossil Lab.
- The Fossil Lab is another new addition seen only in v3 onwards. Here you can regenerate your fossil items you won from Sidequests back into their living Pokémon state. For example, you may win a Dome Fossil Dome%20Fossil.png from Sidequests - You can then go to the Fossil Lab to regenerate it to a Kabuto.
The type of Pokémon it turns to is random. It has a 1 in 6 chance of becoming either type from Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic or Shadow.
Event Center.
- The Event Center is where you'll go to take part in special events held here on Pokémon Vortex. To enter, you will need an 'Event Ticket' to unlock the page. These are one-time use items that will unlock the page to take part in any current event we're holding.
You may be given an Event Ticket by Pokémon Vortex or you may have to win one, this depends on the event and how we choose to run that specific event.
- We have a very warm and welcoming community here on Vortex and many ways of meeting other members.
We have the forums where you can join and post to make friends, trade, share art, join/create contests and more. We also have a Pokémon Vortex Facebook and Twitter where you can like/follow us to receive the latest news and updates straight to your social networking profile.
If you have any questions about anything I may have missed you can PM me here.
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