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daily bonus for log in

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well i play alot of pokemon broswer based games.... and i find that alot more players join when they brought out the daily log in bonus... 

well i was thinking why not for this game...  it can be 5 potions or 5 pokeballs or any item  and after a week you get a pokedollar bonus


just a idea.. :D  

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i agree. 

daily bonus is a very good idea. 


random gifts from pokemart or rare gifts like lati-a/o-site or red/blue orb or random pokemon from all the available pokemons (like the previous giveaway when the site was up after a mega roll back) etc. 

first 5 days random item from pokemart. 

next 5 days random item from pokemart in multiples of 10.

next 5 days, above gift with a chance to win a random pokemon. 

then onwards, above gift with a chance to win orb or lati-a/o-site. 

it will be a great incentive for regular players. 

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2 hours ago, Ege said:

I didnt like it, people will make tens of accounts just for daily rewards


just by making tons of accounts, you won't get any reward. 

you will have to login daily to get the reward. 

and please try to make tons of accounts and then login into all those accounts for just 5 days. and then share your experience whether it was easy or not, whether it was worth the rewards which i mentioned or not, whether you will be able to continue doing the same for several weeks to get the rare rewards in all those accounts. 

daily rewards are indeed available in plenty of games.

and i feel that it isn't abused to get multiple prizes instead the regular players

get rewarded for their effort and irregular players get motivated to play regularly for the rewards. 

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