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In light of the current down time of the game

Hello, everyone. For those who are unaware, here is the story so far:
On Friday 22nd of January 2016, our database server crashed and caused not only the primary SSD disk to fail, but wipe the secondary HDD that was used for data backups with it.
This means we are forced into a position of a major date rollback from using an off-site backup from November 30th 2015. We generally do not keep off-site backups which is why it is dated so far back.
I can honestly say though, this is incompetence on our part as we shouldn't have relied solely on the two drives within one server. We plan to change how this is done before the game is back up.
I know many people will feel so disheartened that they simply will not play Pokémon Vortex again - We completely understand this and we will be sad to see you go. If you are one of these people, please know, before you go; We are truly sorry for what has happened.
To make matters worse, and generally kick us while we were down, we as of yet haven't located an off-site backup of the forums newer than July 20th 2015 for some reason - We are working on it though.

What does this mean for you?

  • Any progress you made within Pokémon Vortex after November 30th will be lost and irretrievable.
  • If you lost a Mewtwo (Armor) that YOU donated for (Not recieved in trade) - It will be issued back to you.
  • While the game is down, you may still enter our chat room and ask any questions you like and we will do our best to answer them

What will we do to correct this?

Sadly there probably isn't anything we could do that could make up such a massive loss to make anyone feel better, however, we will do our best to try.
Here are some of the things we plan to do to set this straight:

  • As stated, people who lost their donation Pokémon will be issued them back (We are currently compiling a list of every donator and how much they donated).
  • Everyone has lost their progress on the Christmas event for Pikachu (Christmas) So we will re-run the event with double happiness in place for you to recouperate the losses of this event. - THIS HAS ENDED
  • After the Christmas event, we will run the originally planned event for Vivillon (Pokéball) and the yet to be announced 11 other prizes.
  • Double experience will run for one week upon the game re-opening. - THIS HAS ENDED
  • We are going to give EVERYONE a free Pokémon upon logging in. (It will be randomized from everything currently available - Even past event Pokémon). - THIS HAS ENDED
  • On the technical side, to ensure this does not happen again, I am currently in the process of setting up a cloud storage system where the database will be backed up every 24 hours into the cloud. If such a problem ever occurs again, the maximum time-loss will be 24 hours which would be nowhere near as disheartening as the current situation. I also have backups feeding to an external drive every 24 hours as well as my own computer every 24 hours. - That's one live database and three differently located backups each day.

We are currently working on getting the game back up, all server configuration needs to be re-done so this is taking a bit longer than we hoped. We also need to get a lot of the said things prepared before we open it back up
Finally, I just personally want to say on behalf of the admin team for Pokémon Vortex - We are very sorry for what has happened.

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