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VITOL Kyurem event trade

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3xReshiramDark ReshiramMystic ReshiramShadow ReshiramShiny Reshiram

3xZekrom4xDark ZekromMystic ZekromShadow Zekrom

2xKyurem (White)

Kyurem (Black)

2xDark Kyurem (Black)


I want fossils and pikachu cosplays.

I can give 3 unique kyurems or 4 resh/zekr for one cosplay

Unique Anorith/Lileep for 1 of those.

Unique Shieldon/Cranidos for 2 unique kyurems or 3 resh/zekr

OF COURSE jedis or christmas are NOT cosplays

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13 hours ago, DannyV said:

Well im asking fir the shadow kyurem and dark kyurem and the shiny kyurem bro plus a regular one ign :twixero its already up for trade 

sorry but i dont have shadow. my fault.

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