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Mitsuki's Giveaway

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Mitsuki's Giveaway


This will probably be the 3rd Giveaway I'll be hosting BUT this time it is directly from me, not any other Partners of mine. So ... Yeah. Time to introduce some stuff.

Most of you won't know who Mitsuki is (Go read Boruto Manga mate), and that is probably my favorite character. So you can say, I like him P'much :'D

Ok so lets get down to the point here.


  1. Do not spam.
  2. The user who posts more then 3 times will be taken out of the Giveaway.
  3. MUST HAX!
  4. If you double post, you will also be taken out. Like:
  5. "Hey! My IGN is <IGN>"
  6. Next post: "The Thing you asked is this for me <the thing also needed to enter the giveaway>!"
  7. How to Join:

Enter your in-game name (IGN)

Post the most INSANE moment of your Pokemon Vortex Time (Time of your Vortex Life)


Post the Most Valuable Pokemon You got on Vortex currently (Could be an event) (I know People with AF's and AU's will appear xD)

Prizes (ONLY 1 WINNER!):

Mystic Pikachu (Libre)  Mystic  Pikachu (Libre)

Mystic Pikachu (Ph. D.)  OR Metallic Pikachu (Ph. D.) Mystic or Metallic Pikachu (Ph. D.)

Missingno.ORShadow Missingno.Normal or Shadow Missingno..

SO as you see there are choices in TWO of the 3 Prizes. The winner will choose ^_^

Date of the announcement when the winner (Only 1 as always!) will be announced will be:

15th Of June 2k69

Thanks for joining and Best of Luck with the Hax!

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Cadderly here.

I already told this in chat, but why not let everyone know :D For me the most insane moment was the first two Missingno giveaways in twitch, during the dxp weekend.They were of very great fun, but Missingnos also turned the Vortex economy around for a short while :D I guess the dxp were what made it happen: most noobs new ppl, including me, tought that there will be only 2 giveaways in total and Missingnos wouldn't be given out after dxp weekend ends. When late at night between Sunday and Monday the weekend (and assumingly the giveaways) was about to end, there were only about 20 of each Missingno type in game. I was lucky enough to own 1 shiny one by then. So, I guess their value was for a short time higher than any other event's had ever been. There was a guy (or maybe a girl) asking shiny volcanion and shiny santapie for their shiny missingno. I managed to trade my shiny one for a mystic santapie, which maybe wasn't the fairest possible deal either :D But well, that dxp weekend was the most insane (also the best) memory for me in Vortex. :)

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Ign: rishivojjala014-2

My most insane moment was long long time back when I just finished gyms all that and went to the maps to catch pokemon and I found a mystic santapie , but I skipped it wantedly cause I wanted legendaries , Now I don't know if I should cry or laugh about it !!!!

my most valuable pokemon :- all of my shadow pokemon :P

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ign- charizard_king_

most valuable moment- when i got Metallic Volcanion from red's farewell giveaway i truly just thought that he is going to ask it's national dex number before he ask i searched for it and type it at last when he ask it i just clicked enter button and i got this poke 

most valuable poke - Charizard (Mega X) because it was my starter and my first love

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My Valueable Pokemon was Shadow Arceus (Electric).But Unfortuantely, @Drawnzer Haxed It. ^_^:P

My all Time Favourite Pokemon is Shadow Mewtwo.

Thanks for the Giveaway, @Haxor69:D


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