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Scheryar Saqib

Scheryar's Legend Trade Thread

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Welcome To My Trading Thread

  • Rules :-
  1. All Forum Rules Apply
  2. No Is A No
  3. All Offers Are Negotiable
  4. Exp Is not accepted 
  5. DONOT Beg 
  6. Donot Fight
  7. no Trading With Anyone Else
  8. I am Not Interested In Fossil Or non leggy Uniques 


  • Accounts :- 
  1. All Pm's Must be Sent To scheryar
  2. All Pokemon Are Veiwable At Legend_Collector


My Legendary Pokemon Up For Trade

  • Normal

Latiasx 3    Lugia x5   AzelfCelebix4CresseliaDianciex4   Diancie (Mega) 500k (exp)   Heatran  x2Giratina  Ho-ohx2DeoxysGenesectx2PhioneRegice    Regigigas  Mewx2    Suicunex3 Tornadusx2Victinix2 Xerneas (Active)  x2DialgaGroudon  Shaymin (Sky)    

     Kyurem  Zapdos

  • Dark

Dark Articuno Dark CelebiDark Diancie Dark Latios  Dark Lugia  Dark MewDark Cobalion Dark JirachiDark Genesectx2Dark Raikou



  • Metallic

Metallic Latiasx2 Metallic Mesprit  Metallic Regirock  Metallic Suicunex2   Metallic Thundurus  Metallic Yveltal          Metallic GenesectMetallic CelebiMetallic Mew


  • Mystic

Mystic Genesectx2Mystic MespritMystic Latias  Mystic Xerneas (Active)Mystic Suicunex2Mystic Mew


  • Shadow

Shadow Entei  Shadow Shaymin (Sky) Shadow Suicune   Shadow Lugia   


  • Shiny 

Shiny Celebi300 k (exp) Shiny Mew     Shiny Latias  Shiny Latios  Shiny Xerneas (Active)Shiny MoltresShiny ManaphyShiny Zekrom  Shiny Suicune 


  • Events

Pikachu (Jedi)X2 Kyurem (Black)x3      Kyurem (White) X2 Dark Kyurem (White)    Shiny Kyurem (White)


  • Primals

Shiny Groudon (Primal)          Dark Kyogre (Primal)


  • What I want :-
  1. looking For legends I don't have 
  2. looking for shiny legends
  3. other events which I don't have for my events
  4. Looking specifically for Shiny Rayquaza
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21 hours ago, GodsWithin said:

1 of my shiny legend for 2 Shadow legends?

Yes sure

19 hours ago, EagerRhino said:

Hey how about Shiny ArceusShiny RayquazaShiny Mewtwo (Mega Y)Dark MewMetallic ZapdosMoltres+5.6mil exp all legit and hand trained for your Shiny Kyurem (White) and Kyurem (Black)??

Umm no thanks not needing exp I only need Rayquaza from the above


18 hours ago, Rajesh Yadav said:


I want your Phione,Metallic Suicune,Mystic Suicune and Shadow Suicune

You can choose my spare Legends for those :D


Yes I will look through and tell ;)


I want theseDark Mewtwo,Shadow Arceusand Shiny Rayquaza@Rajesh Yadav  

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1 hour ago, Scheryar Saqib said:


I did double posting, because after editing the save button wouldn't work that's why I had to. so Srry but I honestly tried multiple times.

It's alright,if this happens and you end up double posting just notify me about it,but try to avoid it as far as possible

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On June 11, 2016 at 5:48 PM, manavsharma9231 said:

@Scheryar Saqib Metallic RayquazaShadow RayquazaMystic RayquazaShadow YveltalShiny YveltalShadow LatiosShiny LugiaShiny SuicuneDark YveltalMystic Arceusfor your Shiny Kyurem (White)   or  Dark Kyurem (White)?

@manavsharma9231 I already have shiny Suicune and I hate yveltals  and from the rayquazas U have offered none of them is shiny and I don't require any of the Rayquaza types U mentioned please offer something's like for eg mew two, shiny Rayquaza or shadow Arceus also Latias types or shiny Kyurem  ps don't offer yveltals or zygarde ( non event or cells ) and don't offer exp either Have a good day :)

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