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Maintenance 11th June 2016

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Pokemon Vortex June 2016 Maintenance


You're probably wondering why the game is currently down and has been for quite a few hours now.

Well, fear not, it is for a good cause. Earlier today a problem that had existed here on the forums last week caused a larger problem within the game which has since been resolved but I decided to take this time while the game is down to do some preparation work for v4, that being enforcing our fair play policy in which no automated playing is allowed, nor bug/glitch abuse.

While these were always rules within v3 and any version to follow after, they have not been strictly followed by many members. But that does not mean we were not aware of it. Every account is closely monitored by an automatic system that will watch you battle, catch, trade and evolve Pokémon and flag your account if it detects any wrong doing. These flags are then later reviewed by myself to determine whether the flag was just and issue a ban.

Over time, the log filled up without any justice to the people who were wrongly "playing" but the intention was always there to later come back to these and clean it up for a better playing experience for you all.


What does this mean?

At the moment, I am working through a huge backlog of accounts to ban and Pokémon's experience to reset which breach these rules.

  • All accounts that were automating experience on their Pokémon will be banned.
  • All Pokémon that were traded (unknowingly) to others after having automated experience put on them will be reset to 50,000 (Level 100)
  • All Pokémon that were glitched in any sense to filter attacks, types or origin will be returned to their original state.
  • Every account in the game will have it's points and experience set to 0 (Just complete a battle to update the points back to it's original state)


I got banned but I didn't break any rules

The ban process is not automatic and users are vetted completely before anyone is banned so the likelihood of you being wrongly banned are beyond small. I hear it all the time "I didn't do anything". Honestly, don't waste your time trying it, I've been watching your account since it was made.


Do bans get lifted after a certain amount of time?

Absolutely not. Familiarise yourself with the rules and don't break them then you wouldn't have been banned to begin with.


What is the fair play policy?

Our fair play policy is an aim to make everyone play the same without certain people having advantages that others don't such as third party apps playing for you (botting) or trying to glitch the game in a way that is beneficial to the way you play. For example, some of you may be aware of accounts that have "glitched" Pokemon on the team and they have no attacks so you will use them to battle against without these Pokémon being able to deal damage. This is not allowed in any way. You are not allowed to create these accounts, Pokemon or battle against them. Fixes for these are being worked on and will be applied within v4.

While currently the glitched Pokemon accounts will go unpunished - From the end of the maintenance, anyone caught creating or battling against these accounts WILL be banned without question.

If you have any questions about fair play, don't hesitate to ask on our questions forums. Most people here are up to speed and understand it already.


When will the maintenance be done?

I'm working as fast as I can to clear it all up but I expect it to run into approximately 48 hours or so.

Don't forget, when the maintenance is complete, you will need to do a battle to update your points and experience back to it's original and rightful state.

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Why can't we play while you ban people?

Simply because people start to panic when accounts are getting banned, they start offloading Pokemon to other accounts and other people who are oblivious to what's going on in an attempt to hide themselves and point at other people.


Why was the maintenance not announced like usual?

Basically the same reason as the above question. If I had announced what I'm doing, a lot of people would have given all their Pokemon to others causing twice as much loss.


Is everyone from the backlog going to be banned when the maintenance is over?

Unfortunately not. This process is taking a LOT longer than I had expected. As I've stated before, the ban process is not something I take lightly and I completely look into the case before banning anyone so that I am 100% sure they deserved a ban. That said, 980 accounts have been banned so far and a further 2,386 Pokemon have had their experience reset. I've made a huge dent in what was some of the more frequent individuals but I can't get everyone done in the time you would all like as well as what I would like.

I will be putting the game back up within a couple of hours with the current state of bans and will schedule to continue it in the week with another maintenance break.


How many accounts are left to ban?

Roughly 1,000 accounts are left to ban and 6,000 Pokemon left to have their experience reset.



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