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Dark Arceus (Unknown)Welcome to my new trade thread


Shiny Arceus (Fairy)Intro:

Hello everybody, i made this thread because i would like to complete pokedex and this way i hope it will be much easier.

Since i already have full dex of all types of legends and normal uniques, now i am looking for other 5 left types of uniques ONLY.

To make it clear and more bright i m going to make it by type. Once i get all uniques from one type i am going to make another list of another type etc.

So for now the type i am completing is SHINY


Mewtwo (Armor)Rules:


All forum rules.

No is No but try to make another offer.

Double posting is not allowed.

I want only uniques so do not ask me for my events or do not offer me another legends.

Stuff for trade is only that which you can see here or in my TRADE in game, do not ask me for other pokemons from my collection.

Stuff like Shiny Arceus, Shiny DIalga, Shiny Mewtwo or Shiny Rayquaza is not allowed for this type of trade.

Do not ask me to check your profile, just give me straight offer/offers with stuff i am asking for.

Please respect the rules above.


Mystic Zygarde (Complete)Rates:


1 normal legend from my trade list = 2 shiny uniques from my wish list

1 metallic/mystic legend from my trade list = 3 shiny uniques from my wish list

1 dark/shadow legendf rom my trade list = 5-6 shiny uniques from my whish list

1 shiny legend from my trade list = 7-8 shiny uniques from my whish list


If you have many/bulk of pokemons from my wishlist, the rates could be negociated, depends of the final amount..


VolcanionWish list (ONLY SHINY for now)


In collum is written which evolution/evolutions i need, e.g. Mareep x2 (Ampharos, Ampharos Mega) means i need Ampharos and Ampharos (Mega) evolution, but if you dont have it/them evolved i can acept just base evo so 2x Mareep. If there is no collum it means i need only base evo of pokemon e.g. Turtwig. If there is written name of base evo and in collum is written the same name of pokemon too it means i need the base evo pokemon + its evolution/evolutions e.g. Weedle x4 (Weedle, Beedrill, Beedrill Mega, Kakuna)



Burmy Steel female (Wormadam Steel)
Carvanha x3 (Carvanha, Sharpedo, Sharpedo Mega)
Croagunk (Toxicroak)
Deerling Autumn x2 (Deerling Autumn, Sawsbuck Autumn)
Deerling Spring
Elekid (Electabuzz)
Finneon (Lumineon)
Flabebe Orange (Florges Orange)
Flabebe Red (Florges Red)
Gulpin (Swalot)
Mantyke (Mantine)
Mareep x2 (Ampharos, Ampharos Mega)
Meditite (Medicham Mega)
Mime Jr. (Mr. Mime)
Mudkip (Swampert)
Remoraid (Octillery)
Shellos East x2 (Shellos East, Gastrodon East)
Shellos West (Gastrodon West)
Shinx x3 (Luxio, Luxray, Shinx)
Snorunt x2 (Froslass, Glalie Mega)
Tangela (Tangrowth)
Unown (R,Y)
Vivillon (All except Fancy, Sandstorm, Polar and Pokeball)
Vullaby (Mandibuzz)
Weedle x3 (Beedrill, Beedrill Mega, Kakuna)
Wingull (Pelipper)
Wooper (Quagsire)
Wurmple x2 (Beautifly, Dustox)
Zigzagoon (Linoone)















Caterpie (Christmas)Trade list:


NORMAL legends:

still geeting new


Articunox2Cresseliax2Deoxysx2 DialgaDiancie (Mega)EnteiGiratinaGroudonx3 KyogreKyuremx5  LatiosLugiax2MewtwoMewtwo (Mega Y)Moltres Palkiax2 Rayquazax2Regicex4RegigigasRegirockx2 RegisteelReshiramx3  Suicunex2 YveltalZapdosx2 Zekromx2Zygarde


UNIQUE legends:

still getting new


Dark ArticunoDark CelebiDark CobalionDark GenesectDark HeatranDark MespritDark MewDark PalkiaDark RegiceDark RegirockDark RegisteelDark Yveltal

Metallic RegiceMetallic Regirock

Mystic Yveltal


Shadow KeldeoShadow LatiasShadow VirizionShadow Yveltal

Shiny CelebiShiny Cresseliax2 Shiny JirachiShiny Landorusx2Shiny Latios Shiny Mew Shiny RegigigasShiny Xerneas (Active) Shiny Yveltalx2




IGN: ReSpEcT17

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1 hour ago, Agent_ said:

(Based on your rates)

Shiny AronShiny ElgyemShiny Swinubfor  Mystic Rayquaza


Shiny WurmpleShiny GoldeenShiny Aronfor  Metallic Rayquaza

Since there is another trader with arons and Elgyem, i will accept the second offer with wurmple, goldeen and Swinub (instead of Aron) If it s ok, just make an offer i will accept.


1 hour ago, Alan Solis said:


Aron x2 and Bonsly for Metallic Lugia?

Dwebble, Elgyen and Flabebe Yellow for Metallic Manaphy?

Geodude, Numel and Oddish for Mystic Lugia?

Pansear, Pumpkaboo Super, Rufflet, Shuppet and Staryu for Shadow Zygarde?

Timburr, Venipede and Whismur for Mystic Regirock?


Ok sure, just make the offers and let me know :)

1 hour ago, darkxknight101 said:

Got a bunch of the uniques you need but your rates leave alot to be desired

It s  up to everybodys decision :) 

Edited by ReSpEcT17
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4 hours ago, ReSpEcT17 said:

Since there is another trader with arons and Elgyem, i will accept the second offer with wurmple, goldeen and Swinub (instead of Aron) If it s ok, just make an offer i will accept.

Alright I sent you an offer.

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12 hours ago, ReSpEcT17 said:



Accepted thank you.



I m wating for huge bulk of shiny pokemons from my list so for short time please do not make your offers.

Thank you for respecting.

dont double post ;p

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1 hour ago, starphoenix said:

Thanks so much for the trades! :)


Let me know if you're looking for any other type of unique (i.e. not shiny). Hope we can trade again soon. ^^


You´re welcome. Sure i will, when i m going to coomplete the other types, it will be written here :) 



Wish list is edited and also list of legends for trade too. Thread is again active so please feel free in offering :) 

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16 hours ago, GodsWithin said:

Shiny Burmy (Sand)(FEMALE) Shiny FinneonShiny Flabebe (Orange)Shiny FroakieShiny Horsea(x2)

Shiny PsyduckShiny SurskitShiny TurtwigShiny Sewaddle Shiny GulpinShiny HoppipShiny HoundourShiny MagnemiteShiny PolitoedShiny SeedotShiny ShiftryShiny TaillowShiny VenipedeShiny VullabyShiny WeedleShiny WurmpleShiny Wooper from your list!


Can we use our old bulk rates for these?

Well only because it s bulk i say yes, we can ;)  But without Shiny Froakie Shiny Horseax1 Shiny PsyduckShiny SurskitShiny Houndourbecause i already have theese :) 


16 hours ago, baddream said:

Shiny DuskullShiny MantykeShiny MudkipShiny SewaddleShiny Snoruntfor Shadow Rayquaza?


Accepted thank you :) 

Edited by ReSpEcT17
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1 hour ago, ReSpEcT17 said:


Hmm not really it s quite greedy, but what ever it s only Shadow DIancie...

I'm sorry I thought the Shadow Diancie was worth 3 uniques and the Metallic Zygarde 2 uniques! Do u want me to pick something else bro?

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