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Checking Exp on Pokemon


Given how Patrick has already expressly stated that he will be resetting the exp on pokemon which have botted exp to 50,000, I was wondering if there was any way we could check how the exp of our pokemon was obtained?


My specific concern is that I obtained a Shiny Sableye Mega from wonder trades, which has 300k exp on it. Clearly, I have absolutely no idea who trained it and whether or not the exp was botted. Even if I wanted to, I also couldn't possibly find out because the wonder trade happened a long time ago and there are no records left of who wonder traded it to me.


Since I cannot guarantee that the exp is genuine, is it possible for me as a player to check whether the exp was botted or genuine? I might want to use this pokemon for future trades, but I obviously wouldn't want to do so unless I know 100% that the exp is NOT botted.


Do I PM an admin? Is there a specific person I should PM? Otherwise I as a player would be 'stuck' in a sense because I have this nice pokemon with nice exp but I'm afraid that I would unknowingly scam someone in a trade if the exp was botted. So I would be afraid to trade it. This confusion is, I imagine, quite problematic for those of us who have received exp pokemon through unverifiable means.


Tldr: is there any way for us players to know whether our exp pokemon is genuine or botted?


Thank you for your time!

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