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@darkxknight101 v4 had been planned basically the day v3 was complete. I never waste any time in thinking how I can better my projects. That said, it was only thinking work at that stage. I took a lot of analytical data and feedback from v3 over it's one year of being open to decide on some of the ideas I had in mind, order them by priority so some things may never make the final build if I feel I'm cutting fine on time.

Actual development on v4 began about two weeks before the teaser was released. A very small portion of it was done by then but enough to make a simple video to let everyone know it was being worked on and ideas had been finalised.

As for motives, like I said, I'm always thinking about how I can better things, whether it's with revamps of current features or completely new features and with v4 comes a mixture of both. One thing only a select few people know so far is that for v4, I'm rewriting nearly the entire game. Only the maps and battle will remain as they are with minor visual boosts and optimization tweaks.


I hope this covers what you were asking. Interesting question by the way, I enjoy answering things like that.

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