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Donation pokemon and ridiculous exp!


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1.a donation pokemon is one you get by donating real money to support the website,hence the name

popular ones include Arceus (Fairy),Giratina (Origin)etc 

these pokemon are otherwise unobtainable as of now,and therefore have a reasonably high value in terms of trade


2.they end up with millions of exp by spending hours on training their pokemon by either using training accounts or other ways of battling such as sidequests


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Donation Pokemon are Pokemon you can get by donating to the website to help support site (Along with the ads). Each donation Pokemon cost $10 USD each. You can purchase one or all of them and what types of the current donation Pokemon you want. When a donation is going one, you will be notified on Your Dashboard.


High experience is time spent training the Pokemon repeatedly. So when trading for them, user's expect a lot in return as they aren't easy to train.

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