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Shiny Mewtwo (Armor)Introduction :-

Hello, welcome to my experience shop after the recent banning,I thought as many people that who were previously doing it were  banned and thus  there are very less people up for this grinding task and that people now would be sure that I am not botting. So I am starting to do this hope this becomes successful. At first I wasnot advertising a lot as I didn't have lots of time but now I have.


Shadow Mewtwo (Armor) Rules :-

  • All Forum rules Apply.
  • Priority will be given by first come first serve bases, or by giving extra pokemon.
  • Please be patient, this is a grinding task and cannot be done quickly it takes time, energy and lots of patience.
  • Rates are negotiable.
  • As soon as your pokemon are done you will be informed.
  • No trading with anyone else.


Mystic Mewtwo (Armor)Rates :-


  • Normal Non-legend Evolution: Not Needed
  • Dark/Mystic/Metallic Non-Legend Evolution: Not Needed
  • Shiny/Shadow Non-Legend Evolution: Not Needed
  • Normal Legend: not needed
  • Dark/Mystic/Metallic Legend: 325 K
  • Shadow/Shiny Legend: 450K exp.
  • Cosplays and Events / Donations: Post in the thread, I will offer.
  • Please Note That I am no longer as of 27/June/16 accepting Normal Pikachu Jedi, Fused Kyurems, Vivillon Fancy, Vivillon Pokeball, Zygarde Complete and Rotom Halloween. Not Also accepting Primals of any type. Also Not accepting Any non legend normal / Unique as well as normal legends.
  • Max Exp. trained Will Be 25 Mil ( 25,000,000) can Do More for events I really Want Or Donations.


Dark Mewtwo (Armor)In Progress :- (  Pokemon here will be displayed according to priority basis )

      sanMEOWTH's  Dark Gardevoir13,000,000/20,000,000

    Nutella-navigator's      Shadow Cacnea2,000,000/20,000,000

      Uncle psychic's Shiny Squirtle200,000/40,000,000


Mewtwo (Armor)Past Jobs :-

sanMEOWTH's  Shadow Regigigasto 10,000,000 exp.

sanMEOWTH's  Dark Jirachito 5,000,000 exp.

rishiviojalla's     Shadow Charizardto 10,000,000 exp.

Brocombo's    Shiny Gengar (Mega) to 1,000,000 exp.

Angrysaqi's     Shiny Sableye (Mega)to 1,000,000 exp.  


Metallic Mewtwo (Armor)Quick Swaps :-

note :- For those who don't  know what quick swaps are here's a brief intro, quick swaps are basically I have trained a bunch of pokemon already to a certain exp level and you can offer pokemon on them and recieve pokemon instantly. 


Shiny Mewtwo 11,000,000 exp.

Shiny Sableye (Mega)1,000,000 exp.

Hawlucha1,000,000 exp.

Mystic Sableye (Mega)600,000 exp..

Sableye (Mega)300,000 exp.

Shiny Lucario (Mega)220,000 exp. 

Venusaur (Mega) 200,000 exp.

Heliolisk200,000 exp.

Sableye (Mega)200,000 exp.

 Shadow Thundurus200,000 exp

Ampharos (Mega)150,000 exp.

Azumarill150,000 exp. 

Pichu150,000 exp.

Sableye (Mega)150,000 exp.

Blastoise (Mega) 150,000 exp.

Golurk100,000 exp.

Pichu (Notched)100,000 exp.

Gengar (Mega)x2 100,000 exp. (each)

Arcanine100,000 exp.

Blastoise (Mega)100,000 exp.

Ampharos (Mega)100,000 exp.

Charizard (Mega X) x4 100,000 exp. (each)

Shiny Charizard (Mega Y) 100,000 exp.

Metallic Blaziken (Mega)100,000 exp.

Magmortar100,000 exp.

Torterra100,000 exp.

Greninja100,000 exp.

Alakazam (Mega)100,000 exp. 

Emboar100,000 exp.

Dark Sableye (Mega)100,000 exp.

Metallic Sceptile (Mega) 100,000 exp. 

Sceptile (Mega) 100,000 exp.

Metagross (Mega) 100,000 exp.

Sableye (Mega)100,000 exp.

Altaria (Mega)100,000 exp.

Electivire100,000 exp.

Shadow Metagross (Mega) 100,000 exp.

Dugtrio100,000 exp.











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5 hours ago, Alan Solis said:

Im interested in the normal kyogre primal. A Mystic Xerneas (Active)for it?

Along With the exp Kyogre primal is also a primal so please offer accordingly thanks I'll exchange Xerneas for Pichu or any normal pokemon.

Edited by Scheryar Saqib
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1 hour ago, Alan Solis said:

According to your rates, thats more than 3M for a normal primal? Lol, bye

Why Are u wanting primal or do u need exp, tbh I am new to this I don't quite know the rates would be glad if u could inform me the rates of things if think I am over pricing please inform exactly I would appreciate it :). Have a nice day though.

Edited by Scheryar Saqib
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1 hour ago, Scheryar Saqib said:

10 mil Fr each kyurem and 5 mil Fr halloween  so total 25 mil

I can offer you 3 Kyurem (Black), 3 Kyurem (White) and 8 Rotom (Halloween).

Could you train my Dark Umbreon to 100 mil exp then?

I'll add one extra Rotom (Halloween) if my pokemon gets priority.

Edited by SmartAss
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1 hour ago, SmartAss said:

I can offer you 3 Kyurem (Black), 3 Kyurem (White) and 8 Rotom (Halloween).

Could you train my Dark Umbreon to 100 mil exp then?


3 hours ago, Uncle_Psychic said:

that's some really nice exp you got there ._.

good job 


3 hours ago, Nutella Navigator said:

don't evolve it. btw can you just be the one to offer on ShadowConspiracy ? I'm having trouble with the internet it's uft

Ok, sure

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1 hour ago, Scheryar Saqib said:



Ok, sure

Okay, I'll offer it. Remember you'll get an extra Rotom (Halloween) if my pokemon gets priority :D

And where should I offer?

Edited by SmartAss
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1 hour ago, Uncle_Psychic said:

how much can you train my  Shiny Squirtleto for every single pokemon in ign Uncle_Psychic?;)

Training Shop is closed atm lots to do had updated the thread, please wait until I finish doing all that I have, but if you want I can do a favor and do it to 10 mil Fr unique jedi Fr you? That's the max I can do atm.

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